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What Do We Do For Fun?  We Go To Work!

Aug 2, 2019 3:37:43 PM / by JumpBunch

JBSC warmup

The classes that we teach for your kids are often not easy.  Long before we arrive at the school there is lesson plan review, equipment organization, loading in the car, and a few other more administrative things that we won't bore you with!  We do all of this to create the best possible experience so that your child will want more of the classes we offer.  We do all of this just to have some fun, and when it is time to have that fun, We Go To Work!

You probably believe that the kids are who get the most from our JumpBunch classes.  After all, they are introduced to an awesome new sport/activity each with great equipment that they often have never seen before.  They get to try new things and let their energy out to cool songs.  It's a party with a purpose...exercise is fun!  While the kids do get a lot from our classes, our franchise owners and coaches would argue that they are the real winners.

Of course, I am really over-simplifying this, but our job is to go play with your kids.  We are being paid to exercise and to lead your children on how to do the same.  We are comfortably dressed and surrounded by those who often treat us like rock stars. Who would not want that to be their job?  

Too many people go to work and are left wondering if what they do makes a difference.  There is never a day where this even crosses our minds.  In fact, above all those others things, that is what makes this job the best job.  We are thrilled that your child seeing us is associated with fun because that makes it easy to connect fun and fitness.  Tapping into their curiosity about what new activity we are doing and sending them home talking about the things they can do that they couldn't do before is an amazing outcome for our effort.  We firmly believe that the foundation we are helping to lay right now through sports and fitness can be what leads to a child becoming an adult whose healthy habits were formed very early in one of our classes.

Being part of what influences something like that is a pretty cool thing to do for fun...I mean work.  

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Written by JumpBunch

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