The JumpBunch® Difference

There are several key factors that set JumpBunch apart from other school enrichment businesses, including other children's sports and fitness programs. 

Here’s what really makes JumpBunch a business worth exploring:


Proven, Proprietary Curriculum
  • Carefully developed, tested, and refined through millions of classe
  • Created by credentialed experts
  • Developmentally appropriate for coordination, motor skills, and attention spans
  • Age-appropriate and safe equipment 
  • Progression and regression steps included in each plan
  • Three distinct age groups with unique lesson plans
  • Over 70 different activities with hundreds of written lesson plans
  • Constantly evolving with new activities and options
  • Structured for learning without feeling like a "class"
  • Written for the child to see simply as FUN! 


Superior Training & Support
  • Thorough Initial Training –Our customized E-Learning platform gets you started from home, then we spend three days together in person cover your key areas of operations, curriculum, and marketing.
  • Online Forum for Franchisees – Owners can ask and offer support 24/7.
  • Franchisee Feedback Panel – A representative group of owners maintains a voice in systems, support, policy and marketing.
  • National & Regional Conferences – Opportunities to meet, learn, compare best practices and get re-energized.
  • Monthly Memos, Conference Calls, and Webinars—Topic driven collaboration and vendor supported education.
  • Access to Top Management – Owners can always reach any member of senior JumpBunch management.
  • Location Visits – Periodic one-on-one support from JumpBunch management at YOUR location.
Established Business Systems

The list below defines categories where we have structured programs in place to get you started faster.

  • Learning-Zen-shot.pngClass Management
  • Payroll processing
  • Email marketing
  • Background screening
  • Liability insurance
  • Branded fulfillment
  • Hiring platform
  • E-Learning and employee training
  • Social media
  • Expense management
Always Evolving...The JumpBunch Story

Founder Tom Bunchman started out as a franchisee himself. Over 13 years, he built, managed and grew a successful business before launching his own unique JumpBunch concept in 1997. Tom crafted an ideal way to tap into this rapidly expanding market niche. Simply put, JumpBunch is a highly effective business model that brings sports to young children in a fun, engaging way. It was clearly the right service at the right time, and given Tom’s years as a franchisee himself, he is uniquely qualified to support and mentor franchisees, allowing each owner to reach their full potential.

  • Started franchising in 2002
  • Carefully select and train local owners
  • Goal of making a real, positive impact on childhood development
  • Began with preschool but adapted to meet the needs of toddler and school age kids
  • Continue to be flexible in meeting market demands
  • Curriculum uniquely positions JumpBunch to meet any school's need