The JumpBunch®

Business Model

If you enjoy working with children, and you are excited about growing your own business or franchise, a JumpBunch kids sports franchise may be right for you. 

  • Home-based (no storefront or “gym” facility required)
  • No teaching or sports experience required
  • Low start-up and low overhead costs
  • Rapid growth market
  • Value proven service to parents and schools
  • Superior training and ongoing support
  • Protected geographic territories
  • 30-60 minute, typically once per week classes
  • Parent paid or school pay options
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Profit Centers for your Kids Sports and Fitness Business

While the curriculum and physical activities vary to provide the best learning environment for each age group, the JumpBunch concept remains the same. Preschool sports and fitness classes have typically seen the greatest demand, but depending on your interests and the opportunities in your market, other profit centers may prove more popular.

Toddler, 15-24 months – 30 minutes, weekly class
Toddler sports and fitness is a growing profit center, Moms are eager to encourage their child’s social and physical development. JumpBunch’s age appropriate physical activities and curriculum move quickly at this age to grab their attention and keep these young minds engaged. Toddlers may take a few sessions to really respond, but at this age their improved coordination and confidence can be dramatic and extremely rewarding for coaches and parents alike.
Preschool or Daycare, 2-6 years old – 30-45 minutes, weekly class
This is an ideal age to introduce children to sports and fitness, allowing for our broadest curriculum of over 70 unique activities. Parents and school directors see the value in happy kids who make obvious progress in coordination, strength and sports awareness.  The "JB Sports" option even offers the option to focus on one sport, such as kids soccer or baseball for kids, for more than one week through our clinics.
School Age Before and After-Care, 45-60 minutes, weekly class
This is JumpBunch for big kids. As schools reduce their gym programs and add extracurricular care, this option brings structured physical activity with a focus on youth sports and kids fitness back into a child’s day. In addition, a growing number of private schools contract with JumpBunch to provide their full gym / physical education programs.  We offer three curriculum options: the JB Sports month-long concentration on each sport, a standard JumpBunch weekly introduction to different sports activities, or a 60-Second Challenge program that is both fun and physically demanding.
Birthday Parties, 2-12 years old
Families and friends of families that enjoy JumpBunch at school or daycare can bring the fun home for a birthday party filled with fun games, kids sports and activities. This is a great way to increase your interaction and revenue with audiences you’ve already built as well as introduce the youth fitness program to new families. Kids choose their favorite sport and you can provide a complete, themed party experience. Moms love it because JumpBunch is far more cost effective than going to a typical party destination.
Summer/Seasonal Programs, 2-12 years old
1-3 hour kids physical fitness classes offered daily, weekly, or custom. JumpBunch has created variations on its programs to create a great added attraction for summer or special holiday camps and in-house field trips. They offer flexibility to work for different program schedules. This offering is a great way to balance out the year and maintain relationships with schools and families year-round.
How Much Money Can I Make?

How-much-money-can-I-make-600x749.jpgWhile we cannot make specific promises about any individual’s potential success, JumpBunch can be a successful, profitable business working with kids. To some extent, your company’s performance depends on your personal background and your drive to succeed. But we have refined over the years – and continue to hone – our curriculum, training, systems and support to give every owner the best possible environment for success.


What Does it Cost?

The initial franchise fee is $30,000 for a protected 350,000 population territory.

The franchise fee covers all of the tools, training and support you will need to fully learn and begin to implement the unique JumpBunch business model.  During our Discovery Day we detail many of these tools and demonstrate our valuable partner resources that are in place.

  • Royalties – JumpBunch’s royalty fees are comparable with other franchises that offer a similar level of training, curriculum, partner relationships and ongoing support.
  • Additional Start-Up Expenses – Since this is a home-based business and classes will be offered at other locations, the start-up business expenses are very modest. These costs include items such as insurance, travel for training, legal fees, computer software, and class equipment.
Is My Territory Available?

We have many territories still open. Even if we have locations in your state, there are typically large areas still available. In fact, adjacent territories mean schools are more likely to know about JumpBunch and be receptive to your offering. More densely populated, urban areas allow for multiple exclusive territories with plenty of potential. Contact us to ask about your specific region.

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How Do I Find New Customers?

Instead of selling directly to parents, JumpBunch owners build relationships with school directors. You essentially tap into an existing “customer base” with each school who agrees to host JumpBunch. 




Who Makes A Good JumpBunch Owner?

Our current Jumpbunch owners come from all walks of life.  The things they have in common are a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of young children and a goal of owning their own business doing so.  Below are some additional things that we've found to make JumpBunch a good fit.

  • Access to financial resources to invest in a business
  • Be a self-starter to drive a home based business
  • Have a willingness to adhere to system standards and structure
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate with a wide variety of people from kids to executives
  • Able to market and sell the product to prospective customers
  • Comfortable hiring and managing a team
  • Possess an acumen for managing finances and monitoring profitability
  • Bring an energy and contagious smile to everything you do


A Great Franchise For Veterans

JumpBunch is proud to offer a deeply discounted franchise fee to make it easier for men and women who have served our country to start a business.  Contact us to learn more about specific offerings available to our valued veterans.



The International Franchise Association’s VetFran program offers a number of training courses to help veterans explore franchising options and prepare to own their own business. Click to sign up for their VetFran Toolkit.