• Proprietary curriculum 
  • Written lesson plans for each coach
  • Developmentally and age-appropriate
  • Progression/Regression steps
  • Structure without sacrificing FUN
  • More than 70 different activities--no need to specialize!

Margaret Mobley-Meulman leads the JumpBunch® curriculum team and lives the role of a JumpBunch coach. With a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, the credentials are only the foundation of what she brings to JumpBunch. A former business owner and PE Teacher, Margaret coaches classes each week in her local market to stay connected.


Ball Bonanza - Javelins - Jump Rope - Balancing Act - Crazy Races - Egg Roll/Ready, Set, Race - Field Days -Track Days - Strong Kids/Dumbbells - Long Jump - Limbo - Step Aerobics - Agility Ladder/Footwork - Chinese Jump Rope - Yoga - Have a Heart - Tug of War - Falling Leaves/Parachute - Leap Frog - Station Training - Pogo Jumping - Surfing - Foot Golf


Basketball - Football - Volleyball - Lacrosse - Soccer - Martial Arts - Golf - Hockey - Track & Field - Baseball - Softball - Bowling - Polo - Cricket - Field Hockey - Tennis - Badminton


Croquet - Hula Hoopla - Bucket Toss - Bull's Eye - Baggo - Ball Handling - Blongo - Bocce - Broomball - Cheers - Chicken Toss - Golf Croquet - Fishing - Fling and Fly - Flying Discs - Hopscotch - Kooshie Ball - Kickball - Paddle Games - Ping Pong - Popcorn - Net Catch - Shuffleboard - Sure Catch - Horseshoes - Day at the Beach - Tunnel of Fun - Scarf Toss - Musical Rhythm Sticks - Ribbon Wands - Scooters - 60 Second Challenges!


JumpBunch-580-300x195.jpgFounder Tom Bunchman started out as a franchisee himself. Over 13 years, he built, managed and maintained a successful business before launching his own unique JumpBunch concept in 1997. Simply put, JumpBunch is a highly effective business model that brings sports to young children in a fun, engaging way.

From the music to the activities and equipment, every aspect of JumpBunch has been carefully researched and developed to be both fun and beneficial to the development of young minds and bodies. Today, children all over the country, from preschool through sixth grade enjoy a wide variety of JumpBunch programs.

By expanding the JumpBunch concept through a franchise network starting in 2002, Tom and his team have been able to carefully select and train local owners who share the commitment and passion required to grow a business that makes a real positive impact on childhood development.