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We Call It JumpBunch...

Sep 26, 2018 11:27:19 AM / by JumpBunch


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Our curriculum director recently created a new tagline quote for her email signature, and it immediately caught my eye.  It simply said, "Adults call it working out.  Kids call it playing.  We call it JumpBunch!"  Now she decorated her JumpBunch with all the various colors from our logo, so it looked way better than my plain old text, but you get the idea.  Those three short statements sum it up perfectly.

Let's work them backwards.  We call it JumpBunch.  It's no secret that leading with the word "jump" is to our advantage.  To a child, jumping is something that comes naturally and is an overflow reaction to the joy and excitement they feel inside.  It just happens when they are happy.  To us, there is nothing better than working with a "bunch" of jumping kids feeling that happiness because they associate being active with something they should naturally want to do.

Kids call it playing.  Our classes are not aimed at developing the next superstar athlete.  While we might create a spark that one day leads to that, our classes are aimed at showing kids that being active is fun and there are so many different activities you can learn about...while having fun!  When our coach walks through the door, that is why the jumping starts.  The kids know that they are about to play, and though we know they are going to learn too, let's just keep them focused on what they love.

And now to us grown ups.  Adults call it working out.  Our first problem might be that we've simply learned too many words...like "work or working".  Although I guess no one would really pay us to get up and "go to play" everyday would they?  A JumpBunch coach might argue otherwise, but I digress.  We use the words "working out" and it just doesn't have the easy to do and joyous feel does it?  One thing that makes us adults though is that we know that to get something worthwhile you do have to work at it.  We all want positive worthwhile things for our children, and it takes work.  Let's just not tell the kids that is what they are doing with this thing they call play.  

That brings us back to where we started.  We call it JumpBunch, and it's the best of both worlds.  Keep having fun by playing and keep learning that being active is something you should forever make time for.  Happy kids and Happy adults.

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Written by JumpBunch

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