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Aug 20, 2018 9:41:16 AM / by JumpBunch



The original tagline for JumpBunch was simply "Sports and Fitness for kids." It was very straightforward and clearly stated what we offered as a product. Those words remained under the logo for about 18 years...yep, we've been jumping for quite a while now! In that time a lot has changed, and one of those things is that there are more and more companies/people out there offering what can be presented as sports and fitness for kids. Yes, that is still exactly what we deliver, however in a crowded world you have to be much more clear if you want to be anything other than one of many voices in a crowd.

Several years back when we began to think about this, it became clear to us that there was obvious evidence that JumpBunch was more than just a label of sports and fitness. That evidence was the children themselves, and how we measure our success is by what we see in them and how we want them to view sports and fitness as a result of being in our classes. At the end of the day what we want is for kids to be active, to try new things, and to see sports as a positive way to do that. In the simplest of terms, a child wants to do things that are fun. As long as we can position "sports and fitness" to be that, then they will want to keep doing it.

We hear frequently from parents that the easiest day to get their kids up and ready to go is JumpBunch day. If it wasn't fun, it couldn't overcome the pull of "I don't want to get out of bed!" While the many new sports themselves are certainly part of the mix, we create the fun through a package. It's the song they all know, the fun warmups with our stretch bands, the cool equipment they get to use, the cool down, and finally the JumpBunch stamp! If you ask, the kids will gladly tell you that they have fun, but you really don't have to ask because the silent evidence has been there all along. It probably first appeared when you said it was JumpBunch day, it came back when the coach walked through the school door, it continued with the first note of our theme song, and it lingered as they waived goodbye until next week. Notice the smiles...because we do.

So, yes we will always be sports and fitness for kids. The tagline we adopted several years ago helps to remind us that we are so much more...we are SPORTS. SMILES. FITNESS. FUN!


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Written by JumpBunch

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