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Jul 23, 2018 4:41:53 PM / by JumpBunch


Denver Post July 2013

Many, if not most, JumpBunch classes are held in preschools and daycares. This has always created an interesting dynamic in that the person who takes our class isn't the one who pays for it and the person who pays for it is someone we often never even meet. Parents enroll and pay for JumpBunch classes because their kids truly enjoy it, and they see noticeable and measurable progress. Even though we may not hear from parents often, our validation comes from their children staying enrolled. Often, this is for as many as four years until they head off to kindergarten.

We are in the midst of that bittersweet transition right now. While it is sad to see a familiar little face moving on, it does give you pause to think about how much of an impact you have had on them. As parents begin to let us know things like "Thursday will be their last day", they too often stop to reflect on this...and we are so grateful to hear the additional comments that are added on. Here is a recent example that might be said to our coaches and franchise owners all across the country this time of year.

"Thank you so much for making Wednesdays so much fun and for working with both of my boys. They have both loved JumpBunch, and I've enjoyed all their stories over the years of what they learned and did during your time with them."

In many cases, these parting messages may be the only time we have heard from them, but the impact they have on us is every bit as powerful as we hope our impact has been on their child. It is truly OUR HOPE that every child leaves JumpBunch feeling confident, curious, and ready to try all of the many ways they can build an active and happy life.

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