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One Liner.

Apr 30, 2018 8:46:17 AM / by JumpBunch

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Making sure your young child gets enough physical activity can be a challenge for busy parents.  JumpBunch introduces your child to more than 70 different sports and active games in a fun, positive, weekly program that is conveniently offered at your school.  Kids become more active, develop greater self-confidence, learn to appreciate exercise, and are more excited to go to school.

That opening paragraph was an attempt at clarity.  Too often companies dance around their message when it should be stated in three simple ways...what problem you solve, how you solve it, and what is the successful outcome.  Yes, parents, I am telling you our exact strategy for marketing to you.  The words above are our "one liner" aimed at reminding you of the problem you face and that we are a great option to help address it.  I don't mind telling you this because it is completely transparent and effective because it does your brain a favor by not making it work to understand.  As a parent myself, I know you are bombarded with messages each and every day that are all competing for a little bit of your limited time.  If something isn't clear, you simply don't have the time to sort through the irrelevant details or wait for the point to come into focus.  Sadly, that is sometimes at the expense of ignoring a great solution to a problem you know you have, or possibly one you didn't know you have.  

What is absolutely clear is that parents all want their kids to be active, healthy, and happy.  In our busy world it can indeed be a challenge to consciously make sure physical activity is part of a child's routine, even though we all agree on the significance.  It is also clear that JumpBunch can help you with that where you already are...your child's school.  Finally, the pay off for being intentional about your investment is when you see your child want to get up and move, boldly try new things, make healthy choices, and especially jump out of bed for school because it is JumpBunch day!

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Written by JumpBunch

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