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6 Activities To Play Outside As A Family

Mar 15, 2022 12:51:07 PM / by JumpBunch

As things start to warm up this Spring it’s important for the kids to put down the video games and screens to play outside. Spring is the perfect time to get the kids outside and active especially as April has both National Health day and National Student Athlete day to encourage movement during this time. 


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), kids should be getting at least 60 minutes of exercise each day and parents can practice a healthy lifestyle by engaging in the same activities with their kids. Doing so will help create stronger bonds as a family and encourage healthy habits over time. 


There are plenty of fun activities that encourage physical activity and bonding as a family. Let’s look at some you can participate in from today.


1. Walking

Walking is great for developing physical, social, and emotional skills in young children. It is recommended that everyone should have 20-30 minutes of daily physical activity. April 6th is National Walking Day, this is a perfect opportunity to encourage a family walk. This can include something as simple as walking around the neighborhood or a stroll at a local park. 


2. Obstacle Course

Set up some obstacles in your backyard or local park and get your children to race each other (or you!). You could use cones, hoops, ropes – whatever you have to hand. It’s a great way to make exercise fun! 

3. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a classic game that doesn’t need any equipment, just some chalk and an open space like a sidewalk. Draw out the hopscotch grid and take turns throwing a stone onto the different squares – it’s more challenging than it sounds!


4. Start a Neighborhood Baseball Game Copy of LR_Square Crops_0039_LS_CUKER_DT_111519_3255

Baseball is all about fun and a great way for your child to make new friends with others, plus anyone can play. You can start your own baseball game with kids around the neighborhood. If your child does not know how to play baseball, no worries. Our sister company, Little Rookies offers a youth baseball program that is designed to help children learn the fundamentals of baseball along with helping build self-confidence, embrace teamwork, develop sportsmanship, and learn the importance of physical activity, all while having fun! You can learn more at LittleRookies.com.


5. Scavenger Hunt

Make the outdoors more fun by creating a scavenger hunt for your kids. This is an easy activity that will get everyone excited about looking for interesting things in nature. You can create a list or use pictures of things to search for and then have your kids check them off as they find each item.

6. Participate in Spring JumpBunch Classes 217162534_175490774605019_7210515105796385786_n

JumpBunch enthusiastically teaches young children to embrace sports and fitness as well as believe in their ability to lead a healthy, engaged, and active lifestyle. Kids need to learn confidence and coordination at the earliest age possible. With more than 70 different sports and activities, age-specific lesson plans, and weekly skill reinforcement, JumpBunch helps children build motor skills and physical literacy in a fun non-competitive environment.

Get your kids moving this spring. Find a class near you at JumpBunch.com/locations


Unable to find a location near you? Learn how you can start your own franchise at YouthAthletesUnited.com


Written by JumpBunch

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