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The Power of Parent Choice.

Nov 20, 2015 3:34:14 PM / by adminJBunch

Kids with Hoola-hoops

If we had our way, JumpBunch or a program with similar benefits would be offered as an option to parents in every preschool and daycare across the country. If that were possible, it would still only be one small step towards seriously addressing the concern of childhood obesity. Even in locations where ours or similar programs are offered, only a fraction of eligible kids sign up. Why is that choice not being made if it can be afforded?  Do parents somehow not realize the power they hold with such a choice?

Rae Pica, a noted educational consultant, author, and friend of JumpBunch recently published an article discussing who exactly is responsible for our country's childhood obesity crisis (read Rae's article).  As she so clearly points out, the parents are definitely in the mix, but it is adults in general that have and continue to set the stage for the problems we see.  Another thing Rae so clearly notes is that it is certainly not the fault of the children.

Kids cannot make their own choices, and by the time they can they will choose based on what they have learned...from adults...from parents.  While we all, as adults, must commit to creating a more favorable environment, the line is formally drawn at what a parent does control and the choices that can be made.  For kids everything starts with fun, and programs like JumpBunch seek to associate fun with healthy habits as early as possible.  Competition and specialization can come later, but education and fun is for all!

So when given the choice, "exercise" yours wisely by giving your child a fun way to learn sports and fitness.  When the time comes for them to make their own, they will likely base that on the examples you've already set.  Make them count.

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Written by adminJBunch

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