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Take This to "Heart" in February

Feb 3, 2017 9:29:35 AM / by adminJBunch

There's a lot going in February.  Rumor is that there is a pretty big football game (you might even call it Super)  to kick things off.  There is also an important and fun holiday full of candy, flowers, and gifts from the heart.  Speaking of hearts, February is also the month that we are encouraged to consider how well we are taking care of that most important organ in our bodies.

JumpBunch has always had the goal of helping kids "build healthy habits early".  Of course, we primarily focus on the physical activity side of things that is a core part of building a healthy heart.  We also help introduce ideas for healthy nutrition that is essential for having the energy to be physically active.

Being physically active and considering proper nutrition are critical, but being truly "heart healthy" involves a few more things too.  Making sure kids get the proper amount of sleep is a huge component.  Kids need routines, and a consistent sleep schedule is a routine that is invaluable as their bodies grow.  Keeping kids as stress free as possible is also something  worth considering in terms of heart health.  As parents, we create the environments our kids live in, and too often the stress of life can creep in if we let it.

Kids take their cues from Mom and Dad, so here is a great article that lists 12 smart tips to help your kids have the healthiest of hearts.

Get Heart Healthy

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Written by adminJBunch

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