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Summer Olympics Are Family "Gold"

May 27, 2016 12:11:31 PM / by adminJBunch

JumpBunch franchisees across the country are preparing for a "golden" opportunity with this year's Summer Olympics. For a program like ours that showcases a new sport every week, an event like the Olympics where so many varied sports are on display is perfectly aligned with our message. In all Jumpbunch towns there will be Olympic themed classes, camps, and birthday parties all aimed at embracing the vast options our kids have to simply get active with sports and activities that are super fun!

Do you remember the first Olympics you saw? You were probably a child, and if you are anything like me those memories have stayed with you straight through adulthood. In fact, I vividly remember setting up lawn chair hurdles in my backyard and running loops around that yard until dark simply because I was inspired by those athletes. They had obviously been practicing in order to do so well, so that was the day I started practicing too.  While I was never crowned on a medal stand, there is no doubt my love of sports and choice to lead an active lifestyle was in part due to the joy I saw on the faces of Olympic athletes representing my country. That was just too much fun to not be a part of!

I also remember that it was my family that made those Olympics into such a big deal. Kids follow the lead of their parents, and at this point we all know that whether we always stop to acknowledge it or not. I watched the Olympics because my family did. I got excited about the games because they did. I talked about the athletes because my family did too. And I went outside to begin a life of movement that never stopped because that was the example set for me.

We can't wait every four years to get kids excited about the benefits of an active lifestyle. That choice must be made each and every week, if not each day. When the Olympics do come around, and in particular the Summer Olympics when it is easy to run right outside to act out what you see, you can't miss that "golden" opportunity. The memories created will not only be good ones, but ones that can turn into a lifetime of healthy and positive choices.




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Written by adminJBunch

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