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Nutrition Is Part of Being Active and Happy

Mar 17, 2016 11:09:58 AM / by adminJBunch

March is National Nutrition Month. Although the JumpBunch program focuses on introducing sports and fitness to kids, you can't really be fit and active without good nutrition habits! So National Nutrition Month gives us an opportunity to highlight a new option that has recently been added to our curriculum.

Each week, as part of the warm up routine, we now have quick and easy nutrition segments aimed at getting kids to think about eating healthy and learning about all the cool ways they can do that. As we talk about so often, a child naturally gravitates towards fun. So, just like our weekly new sports they play, these nutritional inserts are presented simply as fun ways to eat healthy and feed your body with things that help it grow and stay energized to play longer!

Just like our great age appropriate sports equipment, we also have model samples of whatever healthy food we are talking about each week. Kid's love to hold things in their hands, so that natural curiosity is used with our nutrition segments as well. Here is an example of what these quick weekly segments might look like.

Week 8: Carrot
Pass the foam carrot around the class as you read the lesson.
Class Question: “Does anyone know what vitamin gives carrots and sweet potatoes their orange
Answer: Vitamin A

“Carrots are a root vegetable because they grow underground. Eating carrots is good for your
eye health and immune system. Although usually orange in color, carrots can also be red,
purple, white, and yellow. Carrots can be served raw as in salads, cooked in many stews and
soups, and even be served in a dessert such as carrot cake!”

JumpBunch has always used the theme of "building healthy habits early". We are thrilled to expand those healthy habits to include nutrition as the perfect companion to exercise and learning new sports to keep you active and moving!

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Written by adminJBunch

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