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JB Sports...What is it?

Aug 10, 2016 4:59:29 PM / by adminJBunch


The JumpBunch program began with preschool kids, primarily ages 3-6, and this remains our core focus today.   In many of the same schools we were in during the early days, it became obvious there was a lack of programming for toddlers, so our offering expanded to meet a need that is still under served today in many markets.  Over time offerings were made available to school age kids too.  In all of these cases, the JumpBunch program had unique, age specific curriculum that introduced kids to sports and fitness through a new activity each and every week.  The kids absolutely love the anticipation of what fun things they will get to do each week when the class rolled around.   These cores programs remain the anchor of JumpBunch, and our name has become synonymous with fun introduction to sports and building healthy habits early!

As the school age market evolved and expanded, a new brand was introduced called JB Sports.  At first, this program (which is also labeled as Powered by JumpBunch), was exclusively positioned for children beyond age 6.  This allowed us to adapt a little bit and offer more specialized programs for older kids such as month long or session classes that focus on one sport.  True to the core program, the goal was still to introduce a variety of sports and fitness options to kids in non-competitive ways.   However, since older kids have better attention spans, there was a great opportunity (and demand) to spend a little more time learning about the more popular sports before quickly moving on to the next one.  Our crazy 60 Second Challenges were introduced at the same time for another great school age option.

Now, we are thrilled to say that JB Sports is being expanded to take that same mentality of spending a little more time on an individual sport down to the preschool level.  Rest assured, our goal is not to focus on sports specialization as there will be plenty of time for that if desired.  However, we do see and hear an opportunity to teach younger kids a little bit more about great sports in a clinic type fashion where the focus is still on purely having FUN!  That's exactly why we stay "Powered by JumpBunch", because it's important for kids, parents, and schools to know that we are the force behind this and it's true to our mission of giving kids many options to stay active and healthy.

We are excited to launch our Preschool Clinics this Fall!  So whether it is JB Soccer, JB Basketball, or JB Lacrosse, to name a few, there will be many new options for you to see or maybe even ask for at your school.  JumpBunch is going strong and we hope you now have a better understanding of how JB Sports is going to be working right alongside to continue bringing Sports. Smiles. Fitness. Fun! to kids of all ages.

Check out a sample of some great JumpBunch action with school age kids.


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