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Healthy Habits Are Built At Home

Apr 11, 2016 1:55:45 PM / by adminJBunch

One of the primary goals of JumpBunch is to introduce kids to healthy habits early and often.  However, the reality is that healthy habits for kids are truly established at home.  While it is true that JumpBunch can sometimes be the impetus to focus on more active things at home, it works best as a reinforcement and connection to what parents and families are already doing to have fun, be active, and live healthy while together.  At the end of the day it really doesn't matter which comes first as long as the end result reflects what our tagline says...Sports. Smiles. Fitness. Fun!

So what are some of the specific ways that connection between JumpBunch class and life at home can be made?  Here are a few that we try to focus on!


  • Parent Communication:  Our weekly class summary email details for you what sport or activity we are doing in class.  This creates the perfect opportunity to read about the specific things we do so that you can pick right up where class ends and keep the fun going at home!


  • Popular Sports & Crazy Games:  We know when it is time for the Super Bowl, the World Cup, the World Series, or the Olympics that your home is full of energy and excitement.  Our lesson plans for sports that everyone knows make an easy connection for the child in class.  We also introduce some lessons that are simply child focused fun that they can bring home to share with you!  Things like Chicken Toss, Crazy Races, and Ball Bonanza come to mind as ones you might hear them mention  Bottom line is that there is something new and fun to share every week!


  • Nutrition Components:  While our focus is on sports and fitness, it goes without saying that to be healthy you have to eat healthy.  If kids are hearing this at home, we hope to reinforce that by giving them a chance to show what they know by having a healthy food of the week to talk about during warm ups.  So don't be surprised if they come home saying, "let's have some broccoli tonight Mom!".


These are just a few thoughts on how we hope to connect the dots to healthy habits at home.  We often talk about how JumpBunch partners with schools and daycares who host our classes, but the truth is our real partner is you, the parent.  We thank you for letting us do our part when you can't be with them and hope that your home is full of Sports. Smiles. Fitness........and Fun!

If you haven't already, make sure to check out some of our great games right from the website that you can play together at home.  KIDS ZONE

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Written by adminJBunch

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