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Fun Starts Here

Jun 23, 2017 11:42:56 AM / by adminJBunch

If you've ever had fun in a class of any kind, I will guarantee you that much of that was because of the leader, teacher, coach, or whatever their title was on that day.  It's absolutely true that the fun starts here.

JumpBunch franchise owners just attended our annual conference, and for most the word "conference" is closely related to a sleep aid.  Happy to say that is not our group.  In fact, every year what they look forward to most is what we call a teaching session where they simply get to share great classroom ideas aimed at giving kids more ways to have FUN while learning about sports and fitness.  Now, this isn't your typical person standing up talking about what they do while everyone vigorously takes notes...or not.  This is a live, interactive, loud, and what's that word...FUN time!  And it could go on for hours...

Now don't get us wrong, our franchisees have more tame sessions where they are learning how to be better business owners in many areas of operation.  However, they know that the core of their success is the experience the child has in the classes they lead or they train their coaches to lead.  It's worth saying again that the fun starts here.  We are proud to have franchise owners that know they cannot stop working at this, and their greatest resource is the creativity and inspiration of each other.  So the next time your child comes home and says they had fun in JumpBunch class, know that is likely the same thing their coach is going home saying as well!

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Written by adminJBunch

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