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Active and Happy!

Jul 10, 2017 3:54:06 PM / by adminJBunch

The poster that JumpBunch franchisees place on the walls in schools hosting our classes has the following two words standing out...ACTIVE AND HAPPY!  Of course, we all want nothing more than for kids to be happy and healthy!  Our mission, and the role we play in helping make that happen, is to get kids moving more, introduce them to many fun sports/activities, and teach that being active is a choice that makes your life better.  We like to say "building healthy habits early"!

Being active is only part of what makes someone truly healthy though.  Last year, we introduced a weekly nutritional option to our classes to address another piece of that puzzle.  Now, for just a few minutes each week, kids in JumpBunch classes can hear about a fruit or vegetable of the week to promote healthier eating.  We bet that if your child comes home asking for apples and carrots that you as a parent will appreciate the help!

Proper nutrition and a nice bit of exercise come together to help promote another thing that is so important to being happy and healthy.  That is getting enough sleep and rest.  Show me a child that eats nutritious food, gets their body moving each day, and sleeps enough every night, and I will likely be looking at one truly happy and healthy kiddo.  Sounds easy, but the reality is that the easy part is not doing one or more of these things when you have the ability to.  It takes work to make sure these "simple" things are what is normal for a child.  At JumpBunch, we are happy to be a part of that each week for many kids.  The American Heart Association has a program worth checking out too called Healthy for Good.  Check out the video below to learn more.


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Written by adminJBunch

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