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The Best Kept Secret in Franchise Success

Mar 25, 2015 10:46:49 AM / by JumpBunch

Franchise Owners Group at JumpBunch

When you’re looking for the perfect franchise to get your entrepreneurial dreams started, there are a few key things to look for. Most people know that they need to find a franchise with a solid business model, with plenty of room for growth and support for the corporate team once you buy into the business. But one important factor that very few people consider is the type of owner network they might be a part of if they buy a franchise.

You always want to have corporate support for your franchise. Both up front, to help get you and your team trained and ready to run your own business and after you’re off and running, when challenges arise. But beyond the corporate team, one of your greatest assets can be your fellow franchise owners. They’ve already been through everything you’re doing to build a business; they’ve learned short cuts and come up with new ideas and systems to make life easier. Most of all, they understand your challenges as an owner like no one else can. Instead of going at it alone and having to re-learn all that, why not look for a franchise group that encourages franchisee support?

JumpBunch owners love the comradery they have with other owners and the support they provide each other on everything from hiring to business development to billing systems. With dedicated territories, there’s never a worry about competition or sharing secrets to success. For JumpBunch the owner group grew to support each other so much that JumpBunch helped to create “The Zone” a private intranet that, in part, allowed for internal communications between franchise owners. Now JumpBunch franchise owners have access to the entire network of owners and can post questions and discuss challenges together from across the country. The support system continues at JumpBunch annual conferences where franchise owners brainstorm, share ideas and tackle the challenges they all face as owners.

JumpBunch owner Staci Lifshen says it better than we ever could.

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Written by JumpBunch

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