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Jun 22, 2017 9:01:27 AM / by JumpBunch

People are drawn to business opportunities for a number of reasons.  In JumpBunch, for instance, we obviously get many who are interested simply because it is an opportunity to work with kids.  That passion can be a great fuel to propel you towards the possibility of doing something that you love and making a difference.  It can't be the only fuel though.  Any successful business has to make money.  It doesn't necessarily have to be six or seven figure money, but it does have to be enough on the profit side, however you individually may define that.

Many successful business owners can give you advice or tips on how to make more money.  Darren Hardy of Success Magazine recently shared a story that resonated with me in relation to someone who might own a JumpBunch or many other types of franchises.  The two tips he outlined to make more money are below.

  1. Look for something scary.  It is typically true that the more scary something is the more someone might make through being willing to do it.  Many others would not do scary things, so those that will can easily create their own opportunities.  It doesn't have to be something dangerous, though that is scary, because what scares you is subjective.  A JumpBunch franchisee is normally not scared by the thought of conducting a class with 15 four year old children.  What might scare them terribly though is being told "no" when marketing the program or having to trust the hiring of an employee since they cannot do it all.  Those two "scary" things though are the pathways to making more money, and in this example are exactly what should be sought scary as they are.
  2. Training is always worth the cost.  The day you know it all is the day you end your growth, which is a strong influencer of making more money.  Are you coachable?  You can't truly answer yes to that unless you can immediately give an example of when you have recently put yourself into a position to hear new ideas.  In a franchise environment, the easiest way to learn is to simply stay engaged and take advantage of the group you chose to be a part of.  Attending conferences, seeking out conversational groups, and simply participating in available resources are the most basic of ways to perpetuate your training.  It shouldn't stop there, but if it doesn't start there then a franchise is not the right path for you.  Training is always worth the cost, but it is not really a cost at all.  If you don't invest in creating a better you, making more money may be a carrot you only see but never touch.

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Written by JumpBunch

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