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Ask Yourself What if?

Dec 7, 2016 3:39:29 PM / by JumpBunch

what-if-i-fallThough you may or may not actually say the words "what if?", everyone occasionally wonders about some of the countless decisions you didn't make.  I'm not talking about the less significant ones like "What if I had worn that blue shirt yesterday?' or "What if I had ordered a latte instead of a cappuccino?".  No, in the grand scheme of things those likely didn't throw you too far in one direction or another.  Now, some other ones such as "What if I had gotten to work on time?" or "What if I had asked someone else out instead of her?" might have had a much greater impact.  Nevertheless, it is human nature to pause at certain times to think "What if?".

The holidays are a time of reflection for many, and paired with the approach of a coming new year, it's likely there are a lot more of these two word questions in December than at other times.  Looking backward too often or for too long is certainly not a healthy practice.  That is not likely to happen though if you are also asking yourself another question often enough.  That too is "What if?".  We create our regrets with the same question we use to follow our dreams.  A forward thinking what if simply gives you permission to realistically consider doing something you think would truly make you happy.  You may not always act on it, but asking that question forwardly greatly reduces the chance you'll see the need to dwell on it in hindsight.

All this is leading to the point that many people think about owning their own business.  If you are reading this post, it may also be that you have a desire to work with kids.  You can certainly exit out right now with this being the extent of how far you explore and maybe or maybe not look back with a lot of unanswered "what if?" questions over time.  You can also turn "what if?" into a reason to explore further and get as much information as possible so you truly know whether or not this or another opportunity is right for you.  What ifs can pull you down a road to satisfy your curiosity as much as they can drag behind you if you don't.

With that thought in mind and a wish for a truly happy holiday season, here is a short video from one of our current franchisees who knew exactly what to do with her "what if?".


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Written by JumpBunch

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