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Wondering or Wandering?

Apr 23, 2018 1:15:47 PM / by JumpBunch


One very small thing can make such a huge difference in an outcome.  In the case of the words wandering and wondering, it is one letter.  The words sound very similar and when spoken by some can sound interchangeable...but they are most certainly not.  When it comes to business, wandering is the brake whereas wondering is the gas.  Whether you move depends on that one letter.

So what difference does that one letter make?  It's the difference between curiosity and complacency.  A business owner that is wondering is searching for ways to gain new business, reduce costs, build relationships, and hire great people.   They are fully engaged with everything and everyone around them, making the most out of every opportunity to learn from others and share what they know with those who can learn from them.  Wondering leads to pushing boundaries, maximizing opportunity, and continuously creating solutions where others only see dead ends.  The letter "o" speaks for itself because it is exactly what you say when you learn something interesting and new.

There is a popular saying that goes "all who wander are not lost".  However true that might be in a searching for yourself kind of way, for a business owner wandering is stagnation.  It is synonymous with not having a purpose or focus for what you are doing. You are going through the motions.  Wandering leads to inconsistency, mediocrity, and an acceptance that barriers cannot be overcome.  The sounded out letter "a" even has a "whatever" kind of sound to it.

The good news is that you control the two letters and can change them out anytime you wish.  If you are wandering, the first step is to recognize it.  Then you either want to be there or you don't.  Though it is sometimes difficult to acknowledge, the wandering business owner who no longer "wonders" may simply need to acknowledge that it is time to move on, or at least let someone else take the reigns.  If you are the head, then the body will follow where you lead.  The trick is to be intentional about it, and wondering is the only one of the the two where you choose to act instead of being acted upon.

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Written by JumpBunch

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