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Why Preschool Sports Is So Important

Apr 30, 2019 3:01:16 PM / by JumpBunch

There is an approach to time management in business that is measured by how important and urgent something is. 

Essentially, running everything you have to do through a filter for importance allows you to determine where to best apply your time... and what tasks to not do at all.  Still curious how it works? We've identified four "buckets" that can be used as a filter.  

Those same questions can be easily applied to answer the question, "Why is preschool sports so important?" A lot of insight into why a kids fitness business like JumpBunch is so viable can be gleaned from the answer...

The Importance of Preschool Sports

Guess what - our filter makes it pretty clear why preschool sports is worth time and attention - for children, parents and as a business owner. Those filter  questions are:

  1. Important and Urgent--Critical, time-sensitive, and a pressing issue
  2. Important but not Urgent--Prevention, planning and improvement
  3. Not Important but Urgent--Interruptions and busy work
  4. Not Important or Urgent--A time waster

The truth is, for kids, especially preschoolers, sports are critical for a healthy lifestyle. It is time-sensitive, because parents have only a limited time to make sports and fitness a priority. It is a pressing issue, because fitness has a direct impact on our health and happiness as we age.Download our FREE Guide to Starting a Kids Sports and Fitness Business!

Sports and fitness are important for kids, and businesses like JumpBunch help make sports not only important, but fun as well. 

Three Reasons Preschool Sports Matter

We could list a number of reasons why preschool sports matter, and why a kids sport and fitness business is so important to families, kids and parents, but here are three reasons we feel are really critical:

  • It's not just sports.  To some sports are just meaningless games to pass the time.  To JumpBunch, sports are a vehicle that can carry a child into adulthood with a better chance to be happy and healthy.  It's Sport and Fitness!  From the earliest days, JumpBunch has been presented as sports and fitness for kids.  Being introduced to a variety of sports helps build interest in being active and encourages a child to explore a whole world of athletic options.  Instead of focusing on one sport that may or not be liked, JumpBunch introduces kids to sports in ways that a child will likely discover many favorites...therefore increasing the likelihood they will continue to stay fit as they grow older.
  • It's a way for parents to be intentional.  Our children today are influenced by so many things - and at earlier ages than ever before!  As parents, it is important that we make health and fitness a priority as early and often as possible. If we don't less healthy activities will become the priority.  Where opportunities exist to positively influence healthy choices in kids, parents should apply intention behind their hopes - show their children that fitness matters.  JumpBunch helps with that by making sports, health and fitness convenient and affordable.
  • Children learn so early.  Studies have long shown that so much of the foundation that children stand on is established in the earliest of years.  If you’ve been around a young child, you know they are sponges!  They are constantly learning and asking questions. They don’t constantly ask questions to test our patience, they truly want to know and be shown new things.  We must capitalize on this in as many positive ways as possible, including building healthy habits early. Let them explore sports and fitness, and not just the latest TV show or YouTube video.

Making Preschool Sports Important Is a Choice

Parents have so many choices to make every single day.  The leaders in the schools and daycare centers do as well if they are to stay in step with what families need. 

To argue that preschool sports is not important is to discount their link to promoting a healthy lifestyle as children grow into adults. It can send a message to kids we may not mean to send.

We need to make sports, preschool sports especially, an important and easy choice in the lives of preschoolers. It is urgent.  We only have so long that our children are young. We only have so long to set our priorities.  

Sports.  Smiles.  Fitness.  Fun!  That’s the product we offer at JumpBunch.  We’d love to share more with you about a business you can be passionate about that offers something that truly does matter.Download Guide to Kids Sports and Fitness Business

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Written by JumpBunch

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