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The Story of JumpBunch:  Sports and Fitness for Kids

Aug 7, 2019 10:16:00 AM / by JumpBunch

The JumpBunch philosophy is simple.  To kids, sports are an opportunity to play, and play is FUN!  We've never met a child that didn't want to play and have fun, and it's likely you haven't either.  

Making something fun for kids is also a great way to teach them.  Through sports, we can teach children the value of being active very early and establish a lifelong path to fitness. Fun is the key to teaching these important lessons, and that is really the story of JumpBunch.

How JumpBunch Succeeds Through Kids Sports

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JumpBunch is a business that, to some degree, you can make your own.  Though the personality and styles of each of our franchisees are certainly unique, there are some things they all share and strictly adhere to in order to succeed with a kids sports business.  Let's take a look at what they all share in common:

  • Love of kids--It may sound obvious, but you truly do need to have this to succeed.  Our best franchisees are ones that connect immediately and are comfortable the second they engage.  Kids are drawn to their energy, their enthusiasm, their smiles, and their genuine desire to be where they are.  It's not just a business for these owners, but a calling.  
  • Variety--It's no secret that kids have shorter attention spans, but at the same time they crave new experiences.  By sticking to our typical 30 minute class routines, we take both of those things in to account.  That amount of time is perfect to not pack too much into one day, and it also allows for our franchisees to bring something totally new from week to week to satisfy that natural curiosity.  Successful franchisees lean heavily on the variety in our curriculum that allows them to  deliver something new each week!
  • Structure--As much as kids love something new, they also feel safe within a known and expected routine.  Our franchisees know that kids quickly learn what to expect as soon as the first note of our proprietary music starts to play. After a few classes, the kids will let you know if you leave something out!  This structure gives them comfort and familiarity, which then opens that door to introduce something fun and new before winding the class down in the same way we do each and every week.
  • Inclusive--Our goal is not to create a super athlete at age 4.  Our goal is to send the message that sports and fitness is for everyone. Everyone can find a place in sports, and everyone can benefit.  There may be a time when you specialize or pursue something you are really good at, but JumpBunch classes are aimed at including all skill levels for both boys and girls.  In fact, one of our franchisees often has the class repeat to him "We don't say we can't, we say let's try!"
  • Age-appropriate equipment--Our franchisees appreciate and follow strict guidelines as to what equipment to use with each age group.  This gives schools and parents confidence that their child will be in a safe class, and the kids are drawn to equipment that is colorful, sized for them to handle, and made of materials that make it fun to explore.
  • Development focused--Some of our franchisees come from education backgrounds, but many do not.  But they all appreciate the fact that JumpBunch creates an opportunity to link physical education with the other awesome things they are learning academically.   For instance, our curriculum incorporates and provides an opportunity to reinforce math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  The instructions and activities often provide opportunities for deductive reasoning and comprehension.  Since many of our sport and games have international roots, we even connect some history and geography!  The bottom line is that our franchisees aren't just getting kids moving, but they are also influencing their development.

JumpBunch founder, Tom Bunchman, created the program in 1997 when he realized that as a father looking for programs for his own daughter, there simply wasn't enough offered.  jumpBunch wasn't merely a business opportunity but a chance to direct his passion towards something that truly has a lifelong impact.  More than 20 years later, many others have come along with that same passion and desire to change, and they are using the model Tom created in their own communities.

Perhaps it is time for you to build a successful business  by doing something that you truly love?  If so, we'd love to talk with you.  

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Written by JumpBunch

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