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Summer Activities for Kids-and How JumpBunch Can Help!

Jun 20, 2019 2:21:43 PM / by JumpBunch

You might think that in a business like JumpBunch, which depends on school host locations, the summer months mean a significant drop off in activity. 

This doesn’t have to be the case if you are willing and prepared to pivot to market changes.  While it is true that some schools close for the summer, those that stay open year round experience a dramatic shift in numbers and ages of children in attendance.  Plus, with children not in school, additional seasonal programs offering parents ways to keep their kids positively engaged and active are now available.

The flexibility of the JumpBunch program and curriculum makes us the ideal partner during these shifts in family and school schedules.

How JumpBunch Can Help with Summer activities

Here are a few ways JumpBunch can help with summer activities. We aren't limited to these, and I'm sure you can think of additional ways to help!

Consistency:  Even with summer changes, some things stay the same.  Daycares, for instance, run year round and provide resources for parents whose work doesn't follow a school calendar.  For these locations, simply having JumpBunch continue ongoing programming without disruption is a welcome benefit and one less thing busy schools and parents have to worry about adjusting during this time of year.  We are a year round partner! Get a FREE Infographic and Report On Kids Sports and Fitness Businesses

Expansion:  The best customer is the one you already have, and this is certainly true with JumpBunch.  Even if a school or daycare keeps regular programming the same, come summer new children start attending - adding to the numbers and age ranges of classes.  Directors anticipate this and budget for additional programs.  As a flexible partner, JumpBunch can simply add additional classes and age-appropriate curriculum to accommodate the shifting dynamics a school experiences.  No need to look for other vendors when we can adapt to an enormous amount of variables!

Unique Camp/Themed Programs:  If JumpBunch is not already working with a school or program, summer creates a perfect opportunity for us to serve as a new resource.  For locations such as recreation departments and church programs, JumpBunch can help meet the greater demand from families looking for extended positive outlets for their kids.  The depth of our curriculum makes camp and multi-week clinic programs invaluable options that can easily work with planned themes, or we can help create a fantastic theme using our unsurpassed curriculum variety.

In-House Field Trips:  Only have a day to fill and want to avoid transportation to an offsite location?  JumpBunch has in-house field trip themes using standard lesson plans. They are a perfect way to add excitement without leaving the building.  We deliver a new experience that breaks up the daily routine, or can work with your theme idea or even offer one that we have ready and waiting!

Rescue:  Need to fill some last minute calendar space, spend some extra budget , or simply need a rescue when another program is unable to deliver as promised?  The flexibility and depth of JumpBunch programming puts us in a position to fill these unexpected needs in many situations.  We view this as great way to help a school. It  sets the stage for a long term relationship as a partner they can always rely on.  

How a JumpBunch Owner Can Prepare for Summer

Taking advantage of summer opportunities and shifting environments is much easier if a few simple steps are taken.

  1. Market early:  Start offering summer programming options to new schools as early as late fall to help the earliest of planners.
  2. Advise:  Give your current schools preferential scheduling by encouraging them to plan early and lock in additional needs before the calendar fills. This can be a great partner benefit.
  3. Expect late needs:  Knowing that some will procrastinate or have plans fall through, put in place programming that can be quickly implemented. You can be a "hero" to a school and begin a new relationship.
  4. Staff accordingly:  While summer does offer more people looking for seasonal work, you can't wait until the last minute to put them in place.  If you want to win during the summer, start putting your manpower in place months ahead of time.
  5. Pay attention:  Learn from summer to summer by simply noting what gaps you see now that you can fill next year.  They will be there in the future, waiting for someone to notice.

While JumpBunch is certainly more known for school year programming, working in schools where children are already attending, the summer is becoming an equally valuable time of year.  Not only valuable as a way to generate revenue, but also as an opportunity to become a real resource to help schools and programs solve problems - building the foundation of a long-term beneficial relationship.  

For the most savvy owners, this might even be the most lucrative time of year.  Let's talk about how JumpBunch might be right as something for you to offer in your area!New call-to-action

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Written by JumpBunch

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