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Making Money with your Kids Fitness Business

Jul 11, 2019 8:46:09 AM / by JumpBunch

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Let's get right to the point.  You go into business to make money.  Sure, you are motivated by other things that draw you towards specific types of businesses, but in the end the business has to make money.  If it doesn't, it's a hobby.

It's a valid question to ask "How can I make money with a kids fitness business?"  If you are considering making a change or starting something new, knowing there is a legitimate path to generate revenue is the first question that should be answered. Good news - you can make money with a kids fitness business.Download our FREE Guide to Starting a Kids Sports and Fitness Business!

While JumpBunch franchisees, for example, all have a common goal of delivering sports, smiles, fitness, and fun to kids, how they go about that in their markets may look very different.  In fact, there are no two JumpBunch locations with the exact same mix of classes.  This allows an individual owner to cater offerings to their market. They can identify unique opportunities and then serve customers in the most effective way to grow their business.  

Ways To Make Money With A Kids Fitness Business

The most obvious place to start in answering this question is with different age groups.  JumpBunch has age-appropriate curriculum aimed at making sure kids have an experience they can best benefit from based on what they can or cannot do.  This create specific market opportunities that most often don't appear under the same roof.

Toddlers:  Many programs start at age 3, so younger children often have fewer options (or rather their parents do).  This is especially true when it comes to sports or fitness programs.  JumpBunch embraces this group and positions the curriculum to encourage exploration and manipulation in classes that are by design a little less structured.  We see amazing improvements with what these kids can do over time. JumpBunch locations offering Toddler classes can fill this gap for parents.

Preschoolers:  This is the core opportunity in kids fitness programs.  Daycares, schools, and other organizations know that physical education are critical for children who are rapidly advancing. Kids want to push the limits of what they can do. So much learning occurs at this stage, and JumpBunch directly addresses that need. The more variety the better for preschoolers!

School Age:  At this age, some kids already know what they like or what they are good at physically.  Others do not or may not want to try new things. This actually creates even more opportunities for your business as you can provide something for both... another advantage in the depth of JumpBunch curriculum.  Again the common need is exercise and physical education, which can be a before school, during school, and after school event.


What Making Money In A Kids Fitness Business Looks Like

With the understanding that age groups create unique and varied opportunities across multiple locations, we can now look at what revenue generation actually looks like.  

It is varied, and this is probably not even a complete list.  It seems like JumpBunch owners consistently find new ways for our curriculum library to be leveraged to serve market and community needs.  However, here are a few offering a JumpBunch franchise can use:

  1. Weekly enrichment classes offered to parents at daycares and schools.
  2. Weekly physical education classes provided and funded through daycare and school budgets.
  3. Sports specific clinics offered to parents at daycares, schools, and more.
  4. After school programs that are optional for parents or possibly funded by schools.
  5. Session based classes offered and hosted through local parks and recreation departments.
  6. Library hosted classes using public space.
  7. In house field trips customized to a school's theme and brought directly to them.
  8. Single, multi-day, or multi-week camps hosted at locations and customized to a theme.
  9. Specialized classes such as for Mom's groups, Homeschool groups, Special Needs groups, and more!
  10. Birthday or other party occasions held at schools or brought to a child's home.

There is not only a path to making money in kids fitness, it is a very wide path! As the business grows, you'll discover more opportunities in your market.  The good news is that over time, they can all be explored!  

If you'd like to learn more, we'd love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you get there.

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