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Jumpstart A New Career With A Franchise

Nov 4, 2019 10:51:45 AM / by JumpBunch

Most everyone dreams of doing something they love as a career.  Sadly, most also never take what they dream of and take action to make it possible.  If your dream is to work with children in a positive way and to own your own business, the path to do so may not be as elusive as you think.  Children's business opportunities come in different models, many of which have been proven for you.  A franchise might be the perfect way to jumpstart a new career and put you in position to make your dream a reality.

The Benefits of a Franchise Over Other Business Opportunities

It's easy to get overwhelmed thinking about starting your own business, but the franchise model offers some benefits to ease start up concerns quite a lot.  Consider some of the advantages we list out for you below.

  • A proven concept:  With others already having success, wondering whether there is a market for your product or service is answered.
  • Established systems:  A franchise typically offers operating systems to navigate the known daily challenges that a business will face.  
  • Peer network:  You are instantly connected to a group of people doing the same thing as you but often in a position to offer you insight from what they've already learned.
  • Ongoing support:  Franchises typically have initial training for you as well as various methods of ongoing support to continuously give you feedback and guidance.
  • Innovation:  Franchises offer an easier way to stay relevant in the market by collectively harnessing and promoting new ideas and methods of operation that would be much harder to find when on your own.

The Benefits of a Child Specific Franchise

Aside from the benefits of a franchise in general, there are some specific advantages of choosing a child related franchise such as JumpBunch in particular.  We have listed a few below that we think are both practical and FUN!

  • Lower overhead:  Like JumpBunch, some child specific franchises use a public or host location to execute classes, so the business itself is home based and therefore does not require the expenses of brick and mortar concepts.
  • Make a difference:  Programs like JumpBunch do more than just sell something.  We solve problems.  For schools that may be offering something that appeals to parents.  For parents/kids it is promoting healthy habits that could last a lifetime.
  • Recession proof:  Well, I suppose nothing is fully recession proof.  However, parents are going to spend money on their children, so that makes child related businesses a bit more insulated from economic variables.
  • Diverse environments:  Many careers force you to work with one group of people every single day.  Child concepts allow you work with a diverse group of adult customers/employees as well as the welcome escape to work directly with the kids!
  • You are a rock star:  We've all dreamed about that.  Our JumpBunch franchisees love walking into a school to see the kids run to the windows in anticipation of what awesome activities will be brought in to do that day.  When you allow kids to have fun and learn while doing it, you are going to be a very popular person.

Business ownership is certainly not right for everyone.  However, if it is something you have dreamed about and especially want to work with kids, it's easy to simply explore to see where it might lead.  Franchises make that path of exploration a great deal easier, and we'd love to talk about whether it could be a way to take action on your dreams.  

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