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JumpBunch: Best Franchise in Child Services Category

Feb 19, 2016 4:29:22 PM / by JumpBunch

In 2015, we were thrilled to be ranked in Franchise Business Review's Top 50 for Franchisee Satisfaction for the tenth consecutive year. For 2016 we are not only happy to be on that list yet again, but this time we are ranked as the #1 Franchise System in the Child Services Category! This is an honor we've had several times before during our now eleven year run, but with the level of competition increasing in this category, getting the acknowledgement is extra special this year. The satisfaction scores we received are based on direct franchisee feedback on our system and objectively compared to other systems in the same service category and the franchise industry as a whole.

We are not a perfect franchise, but we work directly with the most important people (our franchisees) to help us know how to make continuous improvement and react to evolving market needs.  Each year we ask for candid feedback, and get it!   Our core values score above reflects that we take it seriously and make a genuine effort to stay connected to what franchisees enjoy about operating and need to continue growing.

We are especially proud of how our satisfaction score of 4.3 compares to the 3.8 score for the franchise industry as a whole.  CEO, Tom Bunchman, says of this "As every victorious sports team will say after an impressive win, we celebrate today, but get to work tomorrow for the next game. So while we’re very happy with the results, we know there are areas within JumpBunch that need strengthening. This survey often reveals these soft spots and we intend to improve every day."

Check out the full satisfaction report below!
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