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Is Your Business Strong Like A Rope?

Aug 9, 2016 5:06:55 PM / by JumpBunch


Author, speaker, and businessman Brian Buffini compares business ownership to a rope.  If you look closely at a good rope you will see that it is actually made up of three intertwining smaller ropes.  They join together to form something far stronger than they each individually could be.  This is an easy was to visualize what he then describes as the three things that come together to ultimately determine the success of your business or you as a business owner.

The three things he describes, which we will discuss in a moment, are spot on when it come to evaluating whether a JumpBunch, or any other, franchise is right for you.  Far too often decision are made too quickly without enough consideration to what is most important...long term happiness and success.  In comparison to the rope example, if one part is weak or weakened, then eventually the other two cannot support the same amount of stress and break too.  Therefore it is critical to fully understand the three things below going in, and equally important to examine them often to help you act on any "fraying".

The three things that may greatly determine your success or failure in business are below.

What you believe (your mindset):  Do you believe wholeheartedly in the value of your concept?  Do you know that you can communicate that value to others?  Are you confident enough to ask others to buy into you?  Can you push through being told no on your way to a yes?  Will you simply not let any self-limiting belief be a factor that holds you back?

What motivates you:  What's your why?  Is what you are doing for you or someone else?  Can you truly achieve the "why" in the concept you are considering?  What are the positive outcomes for you by pursuing this?  Is your motivation realistic?  Why does doing this matter?

What you do:  Are there systems and routines that are available to you?  Will you follow them?  Can you identify and focus on activity that actually drives growth?  Are you willing to trust and delegate to others?  Are you willing to be the decision maker and not the decision follower?  Can you be persistent and consistent with the activities that produce results over time?  Are you willing to be uncomfortable?

It's not enough to have the answers to these questions.  The value is in being honest about the answers then using that information to help you determine whether a path is right or wrong for you personally.

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Written by JumpBunch

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