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Don't Set Any Goals This Year

Jan 18, 2017 2:46:42 PM / by JumpBunch

January is all about goal setting right? You must set your goals so you know what you are working towards this year. I am not going to discourage that, but this year I am taking a break from encouraging it. The reason is simple. Everyone assumes the starting point is the goal, but just leaping into goal setting is like taking Spanish 2 before Spanish 1. So let’s just save the goal setting for another day…or year. The truth is, if you understand the prerequisite then the goal setting is not a chore but an act of enjoyment and clarity.

All I want to do at the start of this new year is challenge you to ask yourself 3 questions and give yourself the permission to answer them honestly. Permission?? Yes, no canned answers or regurgitation of what you think you are supposed to say. Give yourself permission to answer all 3 questions with introspect and candor.

#1–What do you want in a job, career, or business opportunity?

Once you have an answer then you can go on to the second question.

#2–What do I have to do to make that happen? (the action part)

Again, move on when you have a complete answer here.

#3–Am I willing or able to do this? (most of the time willingness is the barrier so here is your honesty check)

This can be a one time exercise or a repeating loop that, after trial and error, gets you to a conclusion that ends with a “yes” answer to the last question. When you get that yes, the goals will come next and without anyone having to encourage you to set them, or for that matter, reach them. Whatever it is, find your yes this year.

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Written by JumpBunch

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