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Mar 10, 2017 2:50:29 PM / by JumpBunch

Dave Ramsey is an expert on business success.  He created the term "entreleader" as a blend of the pure entrepreneur and the pure leader.  The concept that was spawned from the best selling book Entreleadership is now a full blown enterprise aimed at improving the "process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper".  One of his beliefs is that anyone can create great success for themselves and/or their business by applying three specific things properly.  They are focus, intensity, and time.

You're on this site, at least in part, because you have an interest in JumpBunch as a business.  In this post, we want to take the three things Dave Ramsey spells out and apply them to our model.  Let's start where he starts, with focus.  In today's crazy world of short attention spans and more voices than can be heard, if your message isn't clear then it might as well not exist.  First, you must know who you are as a business and maybe more importantly...who you are not.   JumpBunch does not build the "super athlete", nor do we take sports so seriously that the fun is sapped out of it.  Our huge curriculum gives us great flexibility to meet the needs of many age groups.  However, our tagline sums up our focus...Sports. Smiles. Fitness. Fun!

Intensity comes next.  This can only come from a love of what you do and for JumpBunch, an understanding of why you do it.  There is a trap in this one though.  The passion for working with kids is not enough to make a business.  However, you cannot succeed in this business without that as the core of what drives you.  If used to give you clarity as to how all the parts of your business must work together, that intensity can power you to great things.  Our CEO, Tom Bunchman, has often said that when he lays down at night there is a great satisfaction in knowing that what he created has put thousands of kids on a path to healthy habits.

And finally there is time.  You've heard the phrase practice makes perfect right?  Well, a better way to look at that might be that practice makes permanent.  This is perhaps the most challenging of the three because it requires a bit of what some high performing folks struggle to maintain...patience.  However, the longer you are able to focus your intensity, the higher you will soar as others around you taper off.  Take the Grand Canyon as a physical example.  The focused intensity of water over a tremendously long period of time has created what we now consider one of the greatest sites to behold in all of the world.  What you are able to achieve in a JumpBunch or any other business is directly tied to how long you can stay focused as others lose sight of what motivated them to start in the first place.

If interested, check out more of Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership.

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Written by JumpBunch

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