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Business Ideas to Promote JumpBunch in the Fall

Oct 9, 2019 3:21:36 PM / by JumpBunch

The Fall is one of the most ideal times to promote your kids sports and fitness business. Since it is one of the calendar’s natural resetting points with children, JumpBunch owners have long found the season to be ripe with opportunity.

JB-FALL-LOGO-REV2In speaking with a franchisee just recently, they shared that after providing very successful Summer programming to a school, the door was opened for ongoing classes heading into the Fall. Whether building upon something already started or creating new relationships, stories like this are often heard this time of year.
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If you have kids you understand that the Fall is all about transition to new things. Whether going back to a new grade or starting school for the first time, families naturally expect change. Schools are no different and therefore see the Fall as a great time to introduce new options.

  • Direct mail: Timed right, a good old fashioned piece of mail can be a perfect reminder to a school to make a call or simply help you look familiar when you call on them in person.
  • Email: Much to the surprise of some, email marketing is stronger than it has ever been. Carefully crafted messages and offers can be easily seen where decision makers are at least a few times a day…on their computer or devices.
  • Personal visit: While you have to be respectful of a school’s policies and schedule, a personal introduction allows you to directly connect with potential customers.
  • Free Demos: Once connected, offer anyone interested a preview of what you offer through a demo class. Put in the hands of kids, we win every time!


It’s been said that the best customer is the one you already have. One of the best ways to market your kids sports and fitness business in the Fall is by communicating to your existing customers that you can help them in multiple ways.

Often there is no need for a school to use multiple partners, but they don’t know that unless you show them all that you can offer. JumpBunch is uniquely positioned to be a “one stop shop” when it comes to kids sports, fitness, and physical education.

A simple meeting with a school that already supports you allows you to offer more to them in the following ways.

  • If contracting with the school for physical education, offer an additional parent paid program for families that might choose to do more than is offered complimentary to them.
  • Offer sport specific clinics on different days of the week to tap into unique interests.
  • Add 60 second challenges  for some whacky interactive fun.
  • Put together in house field trips to save time and hassle of driving kids off site.
  • Remind them that you can offer complimentary activities at open houses and staff meetings.

We are often asked what time of year is best to start a kids sports and fitness business. You're going to experience each season anyway, and they all are unique in their own way from a business perspective. The best answer is always....

The season you are in.

We invite you to learn more!

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