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Am I An Entrepreneur If I Buy A Franchise?

Nov 20, 2015 12:21:47 PM / by JumpBunch

NA anjum tomA pure entrepreneur is likely to want an environment where they have complete freedom to take an original idea, uniquely create a model for it to thrive, and operate according to their own set of rules.  Before going down the road to franchising, it is important to consider whether how you're wired as a potential business owner is going to be compatible with an established and standardized system.

When a person comes to one our JumpBunch Discovery Days, we have them take a personality survey that actually helps reveal where they fall on a line between preferring an employee situation to being a pure entrepreneur.  In the middle of those two rests the "intrepreneur".  If you are at this point or even between there and the full blown entrepreneur, it is likely you are looking for freedom to go out on your own...but not be so alone.  Meaning, you want to follow a path that has been traveled and not have to create everything from scratch while still giving yourself a great opportunity build something and control your own level of success.  Our survey results often create very valuable conversations that allow candidates to carefully consider who they are and what they want.  We by no means want to turn away the pure entrepreneur.  However it is critical to acknowledge that a system like ours, or any other franchise, is going to come with some freedom but also very set standards that have already been proven and are not negotiable.  On the flip-side, leaning too far the other direction could indicate you should stay in the traditional employer/employee model.

There are actually four things that every great entrepreneur has that are also essential to success in most if not all franchise environments.  They are listed below and can serve as a great wrap up to the original question above.  Oh, and the answer to that yes!

  1. The ability to sell.  Believe in your product and fearlessly create value for others.
  2. The ability to recruit.  You must attract and surround yourself with great people who reflect your vision.
  3. The ability to lead.  Take your people and your business somewhere worth going.
  4. Personal productivity.  You must know where you are best applied and be able to simply get things done.

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Written by JumpBunch

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