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A Day in the Life of a Kids Fitness Franchise Owner

Mar 12, 2019 4:21:51 PM / by JumpBunch

So what is a typical day for the owner of a kids fitness franchise?

The best answer to that may simply be that it is not typical. However, that is exactly what often makes it most appealing. The owners of JumpBunch and similar businesses are drawn to the fact they have some control over what happens in a day as well as when things happen in a day. That flexibility can be invaluable to the person who wants a successful business and time for family or other obligations.

Common Daily Tasks of a Kids Fitness Franchise Owner

Though when they get done may vary from person to person, below are some example things you can expect to be doing on a particular day in your kids fitness business.

  • Planning/organizing lesson plans and equipment needs for classes
  • Communicating with schools and coaches in person and via phone/email
  • Teaching classes in assigned schools
  • Preparing and marketing to new customers
  • Maintaining customers accounts and payment records
  • Interviewing and training new coaches
  • Managing expenses and business profitability

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Things You Still Have Time For in a Kids Fitness Franchise

While all of the above and more have to be done, a flexible home-based business can put you in position to not sacrifice other things that are important to you as well. Below are some of those things that might be on your list of priorities.

  • Taking and picking kids up from school
  • Attending after school events and games
  • Weekend activities with your family and friends
  • Time for your own personal fitness workouts
  • Flexibility to run errands or complete other projects
  • Life

Business ownership is never easy, but it can be flexible. Consider if what you are looking for might be found in a Kids Fitness Franchise!

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