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5 Reasons Why Sports for Toddlers is so Important (and Growing!)

Jul 24, 2019 10:44:00 AM / by JumpBunch


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When you hear the words "sports and fitness for kids", most of us will picture children running around with a coach instructing them on whatever is being played.  

What's interesting is the image that comes to mind most often that of a school age child - beyond the age of 6.  A few might conjure up an image of a preschool child.  Almost never will the first thing that comes to mind be a toddler, even though it should be. Sports and fitness is crucial for toddlers.  In fact, we have 5 reasons why sports for toddlers is very important. You'll also see why it's such a a growing opportunity for the kids sports and fitness business.

The Importance of Sports for Toddlers

  1. Natural Curiosity:  If you have a toddler or have been around one, you know that you have to keep your eye on them constantly.  At this age there is an unstoppable natural curiosity.  They don't ask for permission and there are no boundaries in their mind...just a cool world with lots of stuff to explore!  Though they may not have a long attention span  at this age, the desire to seek and explore new things is greater than it will ever be.  It makes perfect sense to start our list by saying that we would be wise to use this natural curiosity in very intentional ways.Download our FREE Guide to Starting a Kids Sports and Fitness Business!
  2. Healthy Habits:  One of the initial goals and philosophies of JumpBunch was simply to "build healthy habits early!".  Well, habits are formed when something is repeated in the midst of a desire to learn or achieve something new.  With that curiosity mentioned above fueling a toddler's desire to explore, there is not a better time to establish healthy habits.  In the case of JumpBunch, our curriculum provides the repetitive structure needed to learn through ever-changing activity options that keep the toddler engaged.  Let them learn by moving and exercising.
  3. Need for Education:  As mentioned above, people simply don't associate toddlers with sports or fitness.  Therefore it is important to educate people why they should teach sports and fitness for toddlers.  This starts with redefining expectations.  You will not coordinate a group of toddlers to play unique positions and execute plays to move or hit a ball around a field in an organized way.  It's funny to picture, but that unrealistic view is often why toddlers aren't introduced to sports and fitness.  What you can do is put them together and provide age appropriate equipment and supervision that encourages them to  manipulate things and expand their rapidly growing physical capabilities.  While it may appear chaotic  to the naked eye, this forms an excellent foundation for the skills needed to play in a more organized way.
  4. Lack of Options:  Compared to older kids, there are simply not many options for parents to give toddlers organized sports and fitness activities.  Yet, have you ever met a parent who didn't jump at the opportunity give their toddler a "play date" or something similar?  Well, to toddlers sports and fitness is play.  Sports and fitness is another opportunity to provide toddlers safe and healthy play.
  5. Program Continuity:  A business exists to solve a problem for their customer.  Daycares, schools, and other locations that serve families have a need to offer services that are as comprehensive as possible.  The more valuable you can be to a customer, whether it is a parent or a day care, the longer a relationship can exist.  Curriculum for toddler sports gives places like these a way to appeal to parents, especially parents of younger children.  JumpBunch provides the school an early point of entry for parents. It puts the parent on a path where as the child grows they can advance to preschool classes, then on to school age classes and even sports.  This continuity makes it easy on both the parent and the school.

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While programming options are increasing for toddlers, there is still a huge gap to fill for toddlers.  Perhaps that is an opportunity for you to do something you might have always wanted to do?  If so, the time may be right to make a change and pursue a passion.  We would love to discuss how JumpBunch might be an ideal business for you!

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