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5 Great Marketing Ideas for your Kid’s Fitness Business

Feb 27, 2019 11:45:39 AM / by Joey St.John

The children’s fitness franchise market is booming.

According to Forbes magazine, there’s a growing demand for children’s activities. In fact, activities for children – like kids fitness – is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Parents will pay for activities that improve the learning, development and health of their children. Even when times are tough, when they see value parents will find money for their children.

Tapping into that booming market is critical for kid’s fitness business owners, and that’s where marketing comes in.

Marketing your Children’s Fitness Franchise

Marketing can feel like a struggle even with the advantages and power of a franchise business for kids. Managing the day-to-day needs of the franchise while delivering on marketing goals is difficult. For success, you need a plan.

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Start by identifying your goals. Consider your available strategies for meeting the goals. These are the ideas that fuel your marketing. Schedule out your marketing activities, and determine how you will evaluate them.

By evaluating and then focusing on the most effective ideas, you’ll see steady improvement in your efforts. You’ll increase your results while reducing the time and expense of your overall marketing.

Five Great Marketing Ideas

Looking for new strategies? We got you covered with these ideas:

  • Maintain a Presence

Direct mailers and email outreach will keep you top of mind with prospects.  When a need emerges with a prospect, you’ll be the first company to come to mind. You’ll get the call that leads to a new customer. Outreach might not make the phone ring immediately, but it will ring when the customer remembers your brand and that you are someone that can help them.

  • Stay Visible

Make sure your message is aimed at solving a problem and that people understand what you can do. Customers buy from companies and people they know, so you have to be recognizable in your market. Prospects need to know you and JumpBunch.  When you visit a prospect, personally drop off materials that speak to what you can do for them. Don’t just tell them who you are.

  • Use a Referral Program

A referral program is a great way to find more leads. The schools and families you work with are your best marketing tools. Don't be afraid to ask happy directors to recommend you to another school. Look for ways to incentivize parents to refer you to schools you aren't in. Encourage kids to invite their friends to join you in JumpBunch class. Try offering everyone a free class!

  • Free Events in the Community

You’ve probably already offered free events in the community and seen some success. Expand your program. Every event is the opportunity to be discovered by a new audience. Consider holding an event during a church festival, or offer a quick lesson during the seventh inning of a baseball game. Offer a school or daycare during parent nights. Look for places kids gather and might love to have JumpBunch as part of their activities! Show off how awesome your program is for kids.

  • Plan for Summer

Plans are being made earlier and earlier for summer, and this is the time of year when kids need activities the most. Get your summer options front and center up to a year in advance to better start conversations and find opportunities that might not otherwise be available.  

Growing your Kid’s Fitness Business

For many children’s fitness franchise owners, marketing can seem scary. Your business relies on savvy marketing, but you have no idea where to begin.

Start small, with a few initiatives. Test and evaluate them before starting new initiatives. Your goal should be steady improvement with a sustainable pipeline of potential new customers. This way you aren’t relying on a few large customers.

Want to know more about marketing, or discuss one of the best franchise ideas for kids with one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry? Contact JumpBunch today for more information.

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Joey St.John

Written by Joey St.John

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