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Our completely mobile program can bring kids sports and fitness classes right to you!
This includes age‑appropriate equipment for each child and a top notch coach for kids ages 18 months to 12 years. New physical activities for kids each week, or try a sports focused clinic!


With more than 70 different physical activities, JumpBunch offers unparalleled variety and flexibility to keep kids moving! Traditional sports, skills conditioning, and active games for kids are all part of why your school only needs one partner.


The barometer of our success is measured in smiles. There is no better indicator that we are delivering a program that kids want to be part of each and every week.


Movement improves kids fitness, builds confidence, and promotes learning. JumpBunch classes focus on all phases of physical growth that include fine/gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, body balance, agility, and muscle development.


To children, exercise is play, and play is fun! The best way to get kids active and engaged in youth sports and fitness is to simply make it something they want to do...and kids are always ready to play!


Preschool Owner

“Thank you so much for introducing JumpBunch to our preschool. On Monday morning the kids are asking “Is today JumpBunch?” I have to tell them “two more days, then we’ll have class…”
JumpBunch parent

“He absolutely LOVES JumpBunch and asks me several days of the week
“is today Jump Bunch?”
Private School Administrator

“An excellent addition to the Kindergarten program we offer, JumpBunch promotes fun, fitness and self-esteem. The diverse activities and sport games create and invite enthusiasm. I would encourage any school or business to consider JumpBunch!”

Benefits For Kids

JumpBunch® is successful because kids just think it’s fun...they don’t realize how the carefully constructed, age-appropriate physical activities benefit their development.

Sharpens Physical Skills

Eye/hand coordination
Fine/gross motor skills
Non-competitive exercise

Enhances Mental Skills
Color Recognition
Basic Mathematics
Counting Skills

Forms Healthy Habits
Builds confidence
Aids in good sleep
Improves focus
Promotes healthy weight
Proper nutrition

Benefits For Schools 

Because kids love it, parents do too! JumpBunch provides a turn-key youth sports and fitness program offered as an added benefit to your curriculum or an optional signup activity.

Preschools and Daycares

Physical education
Adds value
Promotes loyalty

Public and Private Schools
Outsource P.E.
Before/After school programs
Field days/special events

Additional Programming
Summer camps
In house field trips
Holiday/break activities

Stand Alone Classes
Parks and recreation
Down time at other businesses

JumpBunch manages every aspect of its kids sports and fitness program
so there’s no overhead or added hassle, and the new traffic JumpBunch brings can help promote your core courses at the same time.


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