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Our FUN Starts With Great Curriculum

Oct 10, 2019 10:51:22 AM / by JumpBunch

The awesome class experience you child has with JumpBunch happens because of several things working together.  Your school has to open their doors for us to offer you physical education, our coaches directly engage with your child to make things FUN, but it is our our unmatched curriculum that drives it all.

 Margare and Winkie

Dr. Margaret Mobley-Meulman, pictured in red above with one of our franchise owners, is the heart of our curriculum.  Heart is an appropriate word in that everything she does keeps great classes flowing and what she does touches every person in our organization on a weekly basis.


Your child has awesome FUN in JumpBunch!  Really, that's exactly what we want them to be drawn by.  For parents, however, it is important to understand what happens to create that experience and why things happen as they do.  Below are a few things that may look like simple parts of a class that are carefully orchestrated and detailed in the written curriculum our franchisees have access to for you.

  • Professionally produced custom and proprietary music and routines
  • Carefully curated age-appropriate curriculum for toddlers, preschoolers, and school age kids
  • Developmentally appropriate activities outlined in every lesson plan 
  • Progression and regression steps to adapt to individual developmental differences
  • Nutritional education components for every week
  • Fully written lesson plans for every activity and additional  bullet point reference lessons for in class reminders
  • Descriptive class recap summaries to encourage parent/child engagement at home


The children simply have fun being physically active through sports and fitness games. The bigger mission is to promote the value of physical activity in daily lives of children as well as to set them up for a lifetime of happiness and health.  Whether you call her Dr. Margaret or Coach Margaret (we like this one!), what she produces on behalf of JumpBunch is driven by a complete dedication to that mission.  We are proud to say that she will be a presenter next month at the 2019 National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) annual conference in Nashville, TN.  

The presentation is titled "Cognitive Development in Children Through Physical Activity:  How the JumpBunch Sports and Fitness Program Can Help Your School Bridge the Gap Between Mind and Movement."  This impressive statement means a few simple things for parents and kids in JumpBunch.

  • Physical activity contributes positively to brain development
  • Routine movement helps kids focus more in class
  • A healthy child exercises both their mind and bodies
  • JumpBunch is dedicated to helping deliver these messages through FUN!

If JumpBunch is offered in your child's school, sign your child up or invite one of their friends to sign up with you!  If JumpBunch is not offered, ask your school to bring us in.  We'd love to bring our experience to you and involve you in the mission of building healthy habits early!

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Written by JumpBunch

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