A Friendly Introduction to Sports and Fitness!

JumpBunch is the leading national provider of mobile sports and fitness programs for children from toddlers to twelve-year-olds.

To children, exercise is play, and play is fun! The best way to get kids active is to simply make it something they want to do...and kids are always ready to play!

"We get kids moving, we teach kids sports fundamentals, we give kids a health and fitness foundation for life, and most importantly we make it fun!"

With more than 70 different activities, JumpBunch of The East Bay, California offers unparalleled variety and flexibility to keep kids moving!


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Owner: Johann Vethavanam
Phone: 925-457-9374

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Two girls jumping
Preschool Owner

“Thank you so much for introducing JumpBunch to our preschool. On Monday morning the kids are asking “Is today JumpBunch?” I have to tell them “two more days, then we’ll have class…”
Blonde boy with blue ball
JumpBunch parent

“He absolutely LOVES JumpBunch and asks me several days of the week “is today Jump Bunch?”
Smiling girl with orange band
JumpBunch parent

“I think this is one of the best classes (if not THE best) he takes as an extracurricular course in daycare.  Thanks for the great programming and teaching lessons that other similar classes don’t!”

Schedules and Locations for The East Bay, CA

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Johann Vethavanam, Owner

Having grown up in Sri Lanka, a third world country in the 70s, at a time when electronic games were unheard of, I spent my youth outside playing games all day with my friends. This built my love for sports. After having moved to America to go to college in 1984 and then working in Corporate America for 20 years I was never really satisfied with what I was doing. In 2008, after I lost my job due to the recession, I was looking for something that I would love to do. That opportunity arrived in 2010, with Jumpbunch. I realized that this was what I was meant to do. I could combine my passion for sports with my love for working with children and to make a difference in a child’s life.

Since I started Jumpbunch, I have never looked back. I also make sure to hire coaches who have the same passion as I do. There is no greater feeling in this world than seeing a child’s eyes light up when they see you or to receive an email from a parent who says how much Jumpbunch has meant to their child and how much they have gained from our program.  Jumpbunch to me is not a job, but a passion.