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Four Things Necessary To Succeed

Nov 7, 2016 3:14:47 PM / by JumpBunch


There are four things necessary to succeed in JumpBunch, or most all other businesses for that matter.  By succeed I don't mean to have some success.  In fact, you may only be able to consistently do 1-2 of these things to see some sporadic progress and growth.  Inevitably you will be derailed temporarily or permanently without intrinsically having them all or quickly being able to understand and master them.

If you are considering this or any other business venture, it is good to have some sort of checklist to help you determine if it is right for you.  Though it's not science, from our perspective this is such a list.  Take an honest look at the list and then at the mirror.  Individually each of the following things are easy to understand at a glance.  Can you, or will you perhaps, be able to do them?  The more confidently you say yes to each one, the more evident it should become that this may be a direction for you.  If there is doubt then there might also be pause.

  1. Sell.  If you are not comfortable asking someone to buy from you then you should give great pause to owning a business.  If you have a business you have a product, and a product must be sold.  Don't let other aspects of the business that are attractive to you take away from the fact that selling is essential.  In fact, it may even be that this is the single greatest predictor of your success.  Beyond selling the product itself, you have to sell people on the idea of working for you, vendors on the value of working with you, and yourself on the fact your efforts will turn into something great.
  2. Recruit.  Let's count this as number two, but it could also be another paragraph under number one.  You have to find and attract enough people to allow you to grow.  Once that happens you have to convince them to stay, or at least stay long enough to help you move forward.  This is a never ending process and one that is never truly solved.  Many simply never accept the revolving nature of hiring and therefore never see it as anything more than a necessary evil.  Do it well though and you can soar.
  3. Lead.  If you like the idea of being given a set of responsibilities rather than creating them, this might not be a great direction.  If you have a vision of where you want to go, understand who you need to help you get there, and are willing to leverage them individually then you may indeed be walking the right path.  Leading means setting the example for others as well as finding ways to bring out the best in others.
  4. Be Personally Productive.  Being a business owner does not mean you can cease being a business doer.  What it does mean is that you have a critical responsibility to identify how you can best apply yourself to the business.  You should never do what you can more easily delegate to others, and you should never delegate to others what only you can do best.

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Written by JumpBunch

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